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Our Mission

To produce a Neighbourhood Development Plan.

Mole Valley District Council has selected Bookham to be one of the first communities to produce its own Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP), the mission of the Bookham Vanguard project is to:

  • collaborate fully with residents, businesses and organisations in the area and encourage everyone to have their say on how Bookham should develop over the next 20 years

  • oversee the development of the NDP, making sure the ideas incorporated are fully researched and achievable

  • create an NDP that the majority of people living or working in Bookham agree with and can support

  • provide Mole Valley District Council with an NDP that can be adopted within existing planning policy

In order to produce a Neighbourhood Development Plan the local community is required to have a body or forum that represents the whole of the area covered by the plan. As Bookham does not have such a body the project was initiated by a Start-up group. Some of the key people in the Start-up group were involved with Bookham Vision - the organisation which undertook responsibility for the successful 2008 Bookham Survey, others are members of recognised local groups such as the Bookham Residents Association and people with relevant exxperience and skills necessary to get the project off the ground, as well as representatives from Mole Valley and Surrey County Council. The role of the Start-up group was to create the forum and task force that will produce the Neighbourhood Development Plan.  Now that the Forum has been created and is now formalised, the Start-up group will take on the role of Task Force, and the work of producing the NDP will begin.

Why do we need a Bookham Vanguard Forum

Bookham needed to create the Bookham Vanguard Forum because it does not have an elected Village or Parish Council. The Bookham Vanguard Forum is non-political and seeks to represent everyone in the community. It will oversee and guide the creation of the Neighbourhood Development Plan.

The Start-up group set criteria that was carefully prepared using the results from the Bookham Vision Survey, local census data and other publicly available information to create as representative a sample of the Bookham population as possible to make up the Vanguard Forum. You can see here what criteria were set and how the forum members fit the criteria.

The Vanguard Forum, now known as the Bookham Neighbourhood Forum will meet every 3 months to discuss proposals which are researched and put forward by the Task Force. The Task Force will be made up of the Start-up Group and people on the Forum who volunteer to do the research, analysis and collation of the information required to put proposals forward to the forum as a whole.

The scope of these proposals will cover:

  • numbers of new houses; where and what type
  • sustaining the vitality of our retailers and businesses
  • ensuring local infrastructure for education, health, transport communications and environment are adequate for the population, functional and efficient
  • maintaining the character of the area

If you would like to receive regular updates about the progress of the Bookham Vanguard project please contact us and visit this website for up-to-date news and information.