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How can we anticipate the challenges Bookham’s economy will face in twenty years’ time?  Twenty years ago could we have foreseen the importance of the internet or mobile communications today?

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When planning for the future we do not have a crystal ball, and one thing’s for sure, accurately forecasting the way Bookham’s businesses will change is impossible – but, change is inevitable.  Planning the strategic land and infrastructure issues associated with this change is a task for the Neighbourhood Forum - as the group starts to debate the evidence regarding the third cog in the Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP): BUSINESS and EMPLOYMENT.

Starting with the current position of retail, commercial and industrial land use in Bookham, the Forum debated the role of our retail heart, looked at current large employers, the role of the industrial estate and those who work from home. Hence, the complete picture of how businesses currently use space and infrastructure in our village.


The Forum will receive input from Bookham Retail and Business Association, and draw on evidence from Bookham Vision, our recent retail research, best practice from other areas,   and will consider lessons from the Mary Portas review of the UK’s high streets. We’ll then use this to develop creative planning policies for the NDP which support future economic growth in Bookham.

At the Forum meeting on 11th May 2013, Geoff Wright, leader of the Business and Economy work group of the Task Force, presented an introduction to the background data and research undertaken so far to support proposals and policies about local business for the NDP.  Read the presentation by downloading this file.

To download this file, double click the icon. You will need Adobe Reader or equivalent software installed on your computer