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January 2015

Sites are put forward for potential development by landowners and/or developers.  They are not "designated" or chosen by the Neighbourhood Development Plan.  Since the strengthening of the advice from Central Government, and the ceasing of Mole Valley's Housing and Travellers Sites Plan (started in Autumn 2014), Green Belt land will not be included for development for the foreseeable future.  This means that there are no significant sites for the Bookham NDP to consider.  New homes development in Bookham will be provided using backland (back gardens) and infill (gaps between existing homes) and any other "windfall" sites, such as redevelopment of sites currently in industrial/business use.  The Housing Policies in the Bookham NDP will reflect this.  For more information, please visit this website to download the final version of the NDP, due in late Summer 2015.


27th July 2013

The creation of such a list is a requirement of the process of producing a Neighbourhood Development Plan.  It doesn not mean that all the sites put forward will be developed, they are possibilities.  All land put forward has to be considered fairly and equally. 

Any land that is ultimately suggested for development in the Neighbourhood Plan will have been subject to all the reviews, consultations, tests, processes and policies detailed in the Plan itself.  These policies will have been created by the Neighbourhood Forum, a representative cross-section of the residents of Bookham, in consultation with the community at Community Events, Public Meetings and through other promotional activity.  Please do keep up to date with the latest news on this website.  We welcome your comments and input at every stage of the Plan making process.

Map and list of sites put forward by landowners and developers for consideration as at 27th July 2013


6th April 2013

A further, brief, update to the list of sites put forward for consideration was provided at the Forum meeting on 6th April 2013. Including an updated map.

Housing update presented to the Neighbourhood Forum on 6th April 2013


23rd March 2013

Presented at the Forum meeting on 23rd March 2013 by the Housing roup of the Bookham Vanguard Task Force.  This covers information about the survey recently undertaken to assess accommodation needs for the active retired and elderly, new land that has been put forward from landowners and developers in the Bookham neighbourhood area for consideration as potential development sites and the method to be used to review the Green Belt boundary around Bookham.

Download the presentation by double-clicking this pdf file (it is a large file that includes photos and may take a while to download and open)

Housing update presented to the Neighbourhood Forum on 23rd March 2013


2nd February 2013

If the crush around the display was anything to go by, Bookham residents really care about putting forward their opinions on new homes for Bookham. 

The Community Event held on Saturday 2nd February in the Barn Hall attracted over 300 visitors.  The housing strategy currently being researched and presented for the Neighbourhood Development Plan will be completed by July 2012, so please keep up with the latest news here and come along to the forthcoming community events to ensure your views are heard.  There were requests for the map of potential housing sites in Bookham to be more easily accessible on the website.  Download the PDF on the right to view/save it.

Map of potential development sites put forward by landowners in the Bookham NDP area.


12th January 2013

Given at the Forum meeting on 12th January 2013 by the Housing Group of the Bookham Vanguard Task Force.  This presentation responded to the requests for further information from Forum members at the November 2012 meeting and updated the Forum on further site visits made and Green Belt issues that had arisen since the last meeting.

Download the presentation by double-clicking this pdf file (it is a large file that includes photos and may take a while to download and open)

Housing Update to November 2012 meeting and further information on site visits and Green Belt issues.


You may have receive or be aware of a brochure recently distributed to some residents in Bookham about potential new home development in Bookham being suggested by Gleeson Group plc.  This brochure has been produced despite their knowledge that Bookham is currently producing a Neighbourhood Development Plan and it is designed to circumvent the work being done for the Plan.  The Task Force of the Neighbourhood Development Forum have produced a document to let people know what their position is regarding the brochure and to help advise what sort of response could be made to Gleeson in the light of the forthcoming Neighbourhood Development Plan. 

Gleeson Housing Brochure - Response by Task Force

Download a copy of the Task Force response by double clicking on the PDF file opposite.  Please feel free to save a copy if you wish to distribute it to any of your futher contacts in Bookham.

Future Housing for Bookham:  How much, where and what type?

At its meeting held on Saturday 10th November, the Bookham Vanguard Neighbourhood Forum started to discuss the future housing issues facing Bookham.  These discussions were informed by detailed background papers produced by the Forum’s Task Force.  These papers have been carefully and rigorously researched using historic and current data collected from the Bookham Vision survey in 2008, Mole Valley Planning Authority, the 2001 Census*, The Office for National Statistics and the Department for Communities and Local Government.


The Forum was presented with historic data which will be used to build evidence to back the proposals in the Neighbourhood Development Plan, in particular:

-         20 houses average per year have been built in Bookham in the last 10 years

-         in the last 5 years most were pretty large and were built on in-fill sites

-         young single people in their 20’s and 30’s  tend to leave Bookham

-         people in their 30’s and 40’s tend to arrive, a good proportion with children

-         older people tend to stay and are living longer, so the average age of the population has gone up


The challenge for the Forum is to decide how to provide for the needs of future years, support the requirements of all ages in the community and at the same time keep the essential character of Bookham intact - quite a challenge!


Future meetings will need to consider what level of new housing will be required in Bookham up until 2026.  In the Local Development Framework, Mole Valley District Council has already identified the level of new housing that it should plan for as a district, currently set at 188 dwellings per year.  The question is - what proportion of this figure should apply to Bookham?  What do we think is our need on one hand, and our capacity on the other? It will be up to the Forum, after due consideration, to decide what is required.


Another important decision concerns where new housing will go. Over the last 10 years, Bookham’s new housing has been built on large back garden sites and small plots of land within the built up area.  Large houses and sizeable gardens have been replaced with more houses, closer together, with smaller gardens.  But this type of development opportunity is becoming harder to find.


So what is the alternative?   One option is to find land outside the existing built up area to meet the housing need.


There is a major benefit in identifying a larger site or sites for new development.  In the future (hopefully from 2014 in Mole Valley) larger development will attract revenue for the community in the form of a Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) from the developer/s.    Whereas, smaller, in-fill sites will not.  This money will provide for new amenities and services in the area to support the increase in population.  What those new amenities and services might be is another matter for discussion by the Forum.


The meeting was informed about sites that have already been put forward by landowners for potential development – most are in the green belt.  The green belt boundaries around Bookham were set in 1955 so we have already enjoyed nearly 60 years of protection.  The Forum will be examining the options about which sites are most viable, and will choose the most appropriate sites, within or outside the built-up area, through inspection, discussion and finally a vote.  The discussion will include finding out what additional benefits a landowner/developer may be willing to provide for Bookham over and above the statutory CIL.  Whatever is proposed, the Forum will aim to create policies on housing and a Neighbourhood Development Plan that will be robust and defend the green belt from further development for as long as possible.


The Forum would like to make sure the discussion about which areas of land are included in the Development Plan takes place with as many residents as possible.  The more knowledgeable you are about the Plan, the simpler it will be for you to make an informed vote in the eventual referendum, when you have the final say.


To find out more, come to our next community event on Saturday 2nd February 2013 at the Barn Hall, Church Road, Bookham.


 *Data will be updated when 2011 census data becomes available.

People and Accommodation Issues in Bookham

Here you can read or download the background research and information that the Forum members will use to base their decisions about new housing in Bookha.  The housing issues will begin to be assessed by the Forum ni NOVEMBER 2012 at the Forum Meeting and afterwards.


The Forum and Task Force are hoping to set up networking opportunities between Forum members and the rest of the community, online and in person, to form a consensus of ideas amongst Bookham residents about what housing is required, where it should go and what it should look like.


You may or may not know about some of the existing plans for new housing in Bookham.  For your interest and to show how Bookham is already changing, here are two information/consultation documents produced by Mole Valley Housing Association regarding the proposed redevelopment of parts of Middlemead and Edenside.


Third public consultation about the redevelopment of Orlit houses in Middlemead
Edenside - Information Event held in August 2012

More documents will appear here for information and download as they become available, please bookmark this page or add it to your favourites, so you can visit it regularly to keep up with the latest data available.

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