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Criteria for creating the Vanguard Forum



In order to make the Bookham Vanguard Forum as representative of our local community as possible, we used information gleaned from the recent Bookham Vision research, and other publicly available data sources, to ensure the members on the Forum mirror the population in a number of ways.

For example, given that there are 6 polling districts making up Bookham, the ideal geographical make-up of the Forum would be 7 residents from each of these areas.

The make-up of the Forum reflects the following characteristics of our community:

1. Age Groups


The ideal split of ages based on Bookham Vision data would be:

  • Age 18-34 - 6 members - Actual: 1
  • Age 35-49 - 11 members - Actual: 18
  • Age 50-64 - 11 members - Actual: 10
  • Age 65+ - 14 members - Actual: 14

The actual number we achieved at the outset are shown in green, not an exact match to the profile, but not far off.  Since these figures were published some Forum members have left and new ones have arrived, but the split between ages has remained roughly the same.


2. Gender
The gender split in Bookham is approximately 50/50 and so it is intended that the Forum has equal numbers of men and women. The actual split is almost exactly this.

3. Tenure*
To match statistical information, it is intended that the composition of the Forum should be made up of the following:

  • Owner occupiers: 36 - Actual: 39
  • Affordable housing: 5 - Actual: 3
  • Private renters: 1 - Actual: 0

4. Dependent children at home*
To reflect the current population, 10 residents on the Forum should have dependent children living at home. There are approximately 20 members of the Forum with dependent children.

5. Community Groups*
There are many community groups and organisations in Bookham and if possible, at least 1 of the members should belong to each of the following:

  • A conservation group - Actual: 4
  • A school or playgroup - Actual: 8
  • A church - Actual: 6
  • A youth group - Actual: 6
  • A sports club - Actual: 7
  • A group caring for people with special needs - Actual: 4
  • A social pastimes group - Actual: 8

It is also hoped that people who are disabled or members of ethnic minorities will volunteer. We have one ethnic minority member.

6. Businesses*
There should also be representation from the business community, covering the small, large, retail and non-retail sectors of our businesses. We have achieved the following split of representatives on the Forum from the business community:

  • Small business: 6
  • Large business: 0
  • Retail: 0
  • Non Retail: 6

* These figures will change as Forum members leave and more arrive, but we intend to keep the split as demographically accurate to the desired representation as possible.  Where necessary the Task Force will actively try to recruit members of the appropriate gender, age and profile to fill the gaps that may appear.