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Community Event 20th April 2013

Watch the videos shown at the event.

The format for this event was different, with videos on display in the main hall and a marquee outside, together with displays of material covering the Green Belt review and New Homes for Bookham.

Forum members were on hand to answer any questions and explain what stage the project is currently at.  As well as to inform the community about the Green Belt review currently underway.

View the maps on display

The first map showed the Green Belt areas around Bookham and other types of land classifed using different constraints; methods used to classify types of land in terms of its potential use, or landscape value.  This was shown alongside an explanation of why and how the Green Belt review is taking place

Map showing green belt area around Bookham including different types of development constraints including Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

The second map showed the Bookham Neighbourhood Plan Area marked with the areas of land that have currently been put forward by land owners and their representatives for consideration as potential development sites.

A list of the sites follows the map in this document.  The sites marked are not proposals, just suggestions.  The sites that are ultimately included in the Neighbourhood Plan will be decided according the Green Belt Boundary review currently taking place and future site assessments, as welll as the views and ideas of local people.

Map showing latest list of sites put forward by landowners and developers as at 20th April 2013
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