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Community Event 2nd February 2013

Informative and very busy!

The Bookham Community came out in force to find out more about the progress of the Neighbourhood Development Plan project.  The information presented is published here, so if you were not able to attend, please make use of this page to find out more.

Over 300 people visited the community Event on 2nd February 2013 presenting the background work done so far regarding new homes, infrastructure support and business development for inclusion in the Neighbourhood Development Plan for Bookham

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As well as display boards, there were "feedback" style activities  to take part in. The results of which are published below. Pictured right, are the boards allowing visitors to examine, discuss and think through where new homes could be created in Bookham, and what type of housing might be required. The case for why new homes were required, was outlined on the display boards. Also published below.  For a fuller explanation see the housing background papers in the Housing Matters page.

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The objective of the event was to show Bookham residents the  research and background information that had been produced to inform the Forum about population, infrastructure and business issues in the neighbourhood. This background along with feedback from the community will inform the decisions made by the Forum and content of the Neighbourhood Development Plan.

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The background information on infrastructure issues facing Bookham up to 2026 were presented to the Forum on 12th January and are newly available on this website's Infrastructure Issues page

Early arrivers to the event at 9.30 saw the Vanguard Task Force and Forum members still organising the displays.


Next time we will make it clearer that the event runs on an open "drop in" basis over the whole of the time period - and prevent the crush that occurred at 10.30!

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The event was open to all - children were welcomed with activities laid on by Bookham Toddler Group organiser Pippin Hackett (above left) who kindly helped entertain young visitors while parents viewed the displays and talked to the Task Force and Forum members on hand. Amy Fleming, pictured above right, and a friend, Ellie Simoniescu, kept children occupied painting glitter tattoos on cheeks, wrists, hands and arms.

View the display boards of information presented at the Event.

This PDF file is large and may take a while to download when clicked on.  Please be patient.  The pictures of the boards are high resolution to enable you to magnify them large enough to see the detail of the information.

Your input to the table activities and communications survey. 

The reasons for getting some input from visitors the housing, business, infrastructure and promotions groups were to help visitors think through the consequences of the background information provided on the display boards, and to stimulate thought about the consequences that could arise in the light of planning for new development.

The response to the questions raised is summarised in the .pdf files on the right.  Please double click the file and wait choose to Open or Save it when requested in the panel that appears in your browser.

A note from the Chair of the Bookham Vanguard Task Force about where new homes might go in Bookham in the light of the survey done at the Community Event on 2nd February 2013
Display boards produced for the Bookham Vanguard Community Event 2nd Febuary 2013 at the Barn Hall,
Map of currently identified, potential development sites in the Bookham Neighbourhood Area put forward by landowners as at Feb 2013.
Analysis of methods of communication used by visitors to the Event regarding Bookham Vanguard
What outlet is missing in Bookham? How should it be provided? What multiples would you like to see in Bookham?
Infrastructure issues identified by visitors to the Community Event
Results about what type of housing Bookham might need, from the Community Event on 2nd February and the Bookham Vision Survey 2009