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Forum Meeting 11th January 2014

Download the Agenda, presentations and background papers produced for the forum meeting.  To open each document simply double click the icon.  Adobe Reader is required.  If you do not have Adobe Reader installed on your computer please download and install it from the Adobe Website.  The minutes of the meeting will be published as soon as they are available.

The Agenda

Main items included:

Green Belt Review - What happens now that responsibility has been handed back to Mole Valley?

Site Visits - Green Belt Analysis - The Forum View

Refocusing the Forum activities

Next Public Event

Agenda - Forum Meeting 11th January 2014
Presentation given to Forum meeting on 11th January 2014


Given by Trevor Sokell, leader of the Task Force:  Neil Macdonald, leader of the Task Force Housing Group and Jack Straw, Head of Planning Policy at Mole Valley District Council

Minutes of the Meeting

Minutes of the Forum Meeting held on 11th January 2014

Minutes of Electronic Meeting held to decide whether Bookham Vanguard should continue with the work required to make recommendations for the Green Belt Review for Bookham

Minutes of supplementary Forum Meeting held electronically between 14th and 16th December 2013