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Forum Meeting 12th January 2013

Bookham Vanguard Forum discuss background papers on the infrastructure issues facing Bookham

The Infrastructure group of the Task Force presented a summary of the infrastructure background information produced so far.  The Forum discussed the content and suggested some further research and information that could be produced.  The main points discussed were: Transportation, healthcare, education, community services and facilities and green infrastructure

Download the presentation and background papers produced for the forum meeting.  To open each document simply double click the icon.  Adobe Reader is required.  If you do not have Adobe Reader installed on your computer please download and install it from the Adobe Website.

Minutes of the meeting of the Bookham Vanguard Neighbourhood Forum.  Held on Saturday 12th January in the Barn Hall, Harrison Room, Bookham.

Finalised and published minutes of the Neighbourhood Forum on 12th January 2013
Forum members discussed the presentation given at the meeting and tabled requests for further information to be provided at the next Infrastructure presentation.

View the Forum members' feedback from the presentation and requests for further information.  The Infrastructure Group will respond at the next Forum meeting on Saturday 23rd March

Download the presentation slides from the meeting

Presentation given by the Infrastructure Group of the Vanguard Task Force at the Forum meeting 12th January 2013
Presentation by the housing group, answering requests for further information at the November 2012 Forum meeting and updating the meeting on potential housing site visits.

Download the background papers published so far that informed the presentation on infrastructure matters, circulated to the Forum members in advance of the meeting on 12th January 2013.

Highways and drainage issues in Bookham
Health facilities and issues in Bookham
Education background paper - Bookham