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Forum Meeting 19th July 2014

Download the Agenda, presentations and background papers produced for the forum meeting.  To open each document simply double click the icon.  Adobe Reader is required.  If you do not have Adobe Reader installed on your computer please download and install it from the Adobe Website.  The minutes of the meeting will be published as soon as they are available.

The Agenda

Main items included:

  • New Chairperson
  • Feedback from table activities on the 26th April
  • Recent promotion at Village Day and School Fairs
  • Redevelopment planning in the built up area
  • Potential development planning for sites that may be removed from the Grenn Belt in Mole Valley's HTSP
  • Project Plan and writing the Plan
Full Agenda: 19th July 2014 Forum Meeting

Presentation given by Trevor Sokell and Chris Atwood at the meeting

Presentation by Trevor Sokell and Chris Atwood

Presenation given by Cathryn Hossack about Village Day and School Fairs promotions

Promotions - Village Day and School Fairs Summer 2014

Minutes of the Meeting

Minutes of the Forum meeting on 19th July 2014