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Forum Meeting 19th October 2013

Download the Agenda, presentations and background papers produced for the forum meeting.  To open each document simply double click the icon.  Adobe Reader is required.  If you do not have Adobe Reader installed on your computer please download and install it from the Adobe Website.  The minutes of the meeting will be published as soon as they are available.

The Agenda

Main items included:

Who Can do A Green Belt Review

The Howard of Effingham new School Proposal

How Many New Dwellings for Bookham?

Green Belt Review - Part 1

Bookham Vanguard Forum Meeting held on Saturday 19th October 2013: Agenda

Minutes of the Meeting

Minutes of the Forum Meeting held on Saturday 19th October 2013
Who can do a Green Belt review? Is localism working for Bookham?


Given by Trevor Sokell, leader of the Task Force:  Who Can Do a Green Belt Review? - the implications for the Bookham Vanguard Forum arising from DCLG's decision that a review must be done by a local authority.


Given by Neil McDonald, leader of the Housing Group of the Task Force.  How The Number of Homes We Build Affects the Balance of the Community in Bookham.  A detailed look at how the population in Bookham is ageing and how the number of new homes supplied could affect the future of the village's age profile.

How the number of homes provided in Bookham will affect the balance of the community
Green Belt Boundary Review: Part 1

Background Paper

Prepared by the Housing Group of the Task Force.  The results of the Green Belt Review Part 1: How the three tests were applied to Green Belt land in Bookham:  An Area by Area Assessment and Sustainability Appraisal:  Summary and Conclusions

This paper was for discussion at the Forum meeting.  The motions included in the paper were voted on and the results are published in the minutes of the meeting.  Some amendments to the areas were made by the Forum.  For details of the amended information produced as a result of the meeting please see Updated Documents below.


Given by Roger Hutton, member of the Housing Group of the Task Force covering the content of the Background Paper: Green Belt Boundary Review, Part 1.  This is the presentation as presented on the day and not amended to show the results of Forum members' comments and decisions on the day.

Presentation given to the Forum meeting on the work done to assess Green Belt Land according to the three tests previously agreed

Updated Documents produced as a result of Forum comments and voting during the meeting on 19th October 2013:

Amended areas of land assessed for Green Belt purposes (as agreed at the Forum meeting)
Updated map of land offered by owners/developers as at 19 October 2013
Updated list of sites offered by owners/developers as at 19 October 2013