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8th September 2012

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September 2012

Bookham Vanguard Forum elect a Chair and get to grips with the issues involved in producing an NDP

Meet the new Chair of the Bookham Vanguard Neighbourhood Forum

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At last month’s Neighbourhood Forum meeting Lucy Botting was elected as Chair.


Lucy works in strategic planning for health and is currently leading the development of a clinical commissioning group (new health care organisation) in London, as well as working for the out of hours GP service in Surrey.


Lucy has lived in Bookham for the last 7 years and in a recent conversation revealed her motivation for joining the Vanguard Forum and standing for the position of Chair.


Q: Why did you decide to join the Vanguard Neighbourhood Forum for Bookham?

Lucy: I am passionate about village/small town life and love living in Bookham. I have made great networks of friends through the social, neighbourhood and charity groups that are available to Bookham residents. I would like to help maintain the community-based way of life here – an aspect of the area that Planning Authorities and developers, however skilful, cannot always take account of when bringing change to a town or village. It takes local insight to achieve this.


Q: What attracted to you to the position of Chair?

Lucy: I enjoy leading and working hard. I have experience of working with government, have spoken at conferences and chaired other forums, so felt I had the experience to do the job well. I am good at listening, negotiating, conflict management and taking into account a wide variety of views. Getting a resolution that suits everyone is my most relevant skill for this task.


Q: How do you think you will be able to fit your role of Chair of the Forum in with all your existing work commitments?

Lucy: Now I am getting older, I am more passionate about life locally and am prepared to dedicate the time required. Plus, Chris Attwood, Deputy Chair of the Forum, will help with the role. We intend to work very closely together to take the time required to consult with residents, local organisations, businesses, service providers and Local Authorities to produce a NDP that balances everyone’s needs and aspirations for Bookham.


Q: What do you think are the main issues to take account of in producing a NDP for Bookham?

Lucy: The NDP needs to cater for all age groups, cultures, diversity and backgrounds (something I feel that Bookham perhaps hasn’t got completely right over the years). The population is changing, increasing and growing older and it could be that we need to encourage younger people into the area. I want to create a Bookham fit for all ages. However, providing accommodation at a reasonable cost is already an issue – and any increase in population must inevitably be limited to the ability of the community, businesses and Local Authorities to provide sufficient infrastructure such as health and social care, education, transport and retail provision.


Q: Finally, how do you spend your precious (and perhaps diminishing!) leisure hours in Bookham?

Lucy: I enjoy horse riding at a local stables, regularly attend a Boot Camp fitness class at Chrystie Rec and (am I allowed to admit this?), love curry, and am a member of a local Curry Club.