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Bookham Vanguard Task Force

The Task Force group are all volunteers except for Jack Straw who is the Head of Mole Valley District Council (MVDC) Planning Policy. The aims of the Task Force are to publicise to the widest possible audience and provide the background evidence and ideas required to create a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) for Bookham. Now that the Forum is formally established, the Task Force will proceed with the research necessary to support the ideas that will be included  in the NDP.

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Peter Seaward

Deputy-Leader & Infrastructure Group

As Chairman of Bookham Residents Association I was involved in the first Bookham Survey from which Bookham Vision followed. Planning both long and short term...more...

Neil McDonald

Leader, Housing Group

I believe that Bookham is a great place to live. I see the Bookham Vanguard as a way of enabling it to become even better...more

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Claire Curran

MVDC and SCC Liaison and Infrastructure Group

When the application was made to Government for the Bookham Neighbourhood Plan to be a Front Runner, I was one of the application sponsors, being both a District and County Councillor for Bookham...more...

Trevor Sokell


Having been Chairman of Bookham Vision, and as a result realised how important Bookham, and its future, is to so many residents, I felt the timely opportunity ..... more...

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Stan Miles

Housing Group

I have been actively involved with various Groups in the Bookham  Community, have enjoyed the Bookham Environment and wish to support the development of this environment for others...more...

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Cathryn Hossack

Secretary & Promotion

The Government has given local people the power to come up with their own ideas for local development, it's a chance to have a say in how we see Bookham.. more...

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Geoffrey Wright

Leader - Economy Group

I have lived in Bookham for 22 years and joined Bookham Vanguard to give something back to the community.  I am a Chartered Surveyor. My dominant interest is in  more....

Stella Brooks


I volunteered for Bookham Vanguard as I wanted to help with Bookham's future development...more..

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Michael Agius

Leader, Infrastructure Group

I was a member of the Transport and Access Work Group of Bookham Vision. Am very interested in the infrastructural problems involved... more...

Michael Anderson

Economy Group

I am very much aware of some of the issues and concerns which are in the minds of Bookham residents. The Localism Act and the Vanguard Project give us the opportunity...more...

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Chris Atwood

Economy Group

After being Deputy Chair of the Forum for several months, Chris decided to join the Task Force as a member of the Local Economy group.  You can read more about Chris here...

Melanie Haywood

Melanie works in the Planning Department for Woking Borough Council and will bring useful knowledge of Neighbourhood Planning to the Task Force.  She is a member of the Housing Group.

Julia Dickinson

Infrastructure Group

As a previous School Governor in both primary and secondary schools, I have a particular knowledge of and interst in education and cycling provision.

Mole Valley District Council is providing active support to the Task Force and Forum through Jack Straw and members of his team, we asked Jack to clarify his role in this short interview:

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Jack leads the Planning Policy Team at Mole Valley District Council. Suzanne has been part of the Team for over four years and is a Senior Officer...more...