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If the Bookham community votes FOR the Plan in the May referendum

1. Every planning application coming forward in Bookham will be subject to the policies the NDP contains.

2. Developers will contribute around £65,000.00 to MVDC per annum to be spent specifically in Bookham.

3. The NDP policies are designed to add to existing National and Mole Valley Planning Policies to ensure
development in Bookham fits our local village needs to:

  • Focus the development of smaller 2-3 bedroom homes, especially towards the centre of the village
  • Protect retail space in the High Street area by protecting shops from change of use
  • Protect other business premises and local employment
  • Protect our local halls and community facilities
  • Retain, as far as possible, the green, semi-rural aspect of the village by retaining trees and hedges and allowing space for off-street parking
  • Point out highways and drainage issues that should be taken into account when development takes place
  • Support the development of schools and healthcare facilities as the increase in population puts these services under pressure

The NDP has been through public consultation in Bookham throughout its formation. MVDC has consulted on it
through Mole Valley and it has passed a formal planning inspection by an independent planning examiner. He said about the plan: "it is a VERY GOOD NDP. It reads well, it looks well and it has a very clear and sharp focus on

  • Style, size and type of housing required
  • The retail centre
  • Design and quality of homes to be built”

When he visited Bookham, the examiner thought it was "blindingly obvious why these were the areas focused on by the Plan. It is to the credit of the Plan that its policies put flesh on the bones of the MV policies contained in their Core Strategy. This is exactly what an NDP should do. Congratulations."

The last step before the Neighbourhood Development Plan can become part of the planning policy for all
development applications in Bookham, is the Referendum on 4th May. Bookham voters will decide the fate of the Bookham NDP by voting for it. The exact question that will be asked at the polling station is:

Do you want Mole Valley District Council to use the neighbourhood development plan for Bookham to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?"

You will be able to tick YES or NO. If 50% or more of those voting say YES, then the plan will be adopted as planning policy.

Please vote YES and support YOUR Plan

You can download the NDP from the home page of this site. Printed copies are available to read in the library. If you are unable to download a copy or visit the library, please contact